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What is Una Voce Greater Cleveland?

Una Voce Greater Cleveland (UVGC) is a lay organization representing those who attend and support the Traditional Latin Mass in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Cleveland.

UVGC is a chapter of Una Voce America, which has chapters all over the country, and part of the International Una Voce Federation, which was founded in 1965 and now includes national associations in 17 countries on every continent. Like all Una Voce chapters, UVGC  is dedicated to ensuring that the Roman Mass codified by St. Pius V is maintained as one of the forms of eucharistic worship honored in the universal liturgical life of the Roman Catholic Church.

Current Officers

Dr. Michael Oliver Wiitala, Chair


Dr. Wiitala is a Lecturer of Philosophy at Cleveland State University, specializing in Ancient and Medieval Philosophy. He began regularly attending the traditional Latin Mass in college. He now lives with his wife and children in the Cleveland suburbs and with them attends the TLM at St. Elizabeth of Hungary.

Dr. Matthew DuBroy, Vice-Chair


Dr. DuBroy teaches theology and Latin at Padre Pio Academy in Lakewood, OH, where he also serves as the Dean of Religious Formation.  He is the founder and director of the Thomistic Institute for Ongoing Formation in Cleveland, OH, which seeks to educate both laity and priests in the rich tradition of the Church’s philosophy and theology.  After earning a doctorate in sacred theology from the Dominican House of Studies in Washington, D.C., Dr. DuBroy returned home to Cleveland, and now, along with his wife and children, attends the TLM at St. Elizabeth of Hungary.

Constitution & Bylaws

Approved on February 20, 2022; last updated January 29, 2023

Article I: Name

This chapter of Una Voce shall be known as “Una Voce Greater Cleveland,” and shall be referred to as ‘chapter’ throughout these By-Laws. It is a member of Una Voce America.

Article 2: Statement of Purpose

The chapter has the following aims that shall direct its activities:

1. To work as a lay movement within the Church for an organic restoration of the liturgy in conformity with its nature and with the Latin tradition

2. To ensure that the traditional Roman Mass as codified in the Missale Romanum edited by Pope John XXIII is maintained — both in practice and in law — as one of the forms of eucharistic celebration which are recognized and honored in universal liturgical life

3. To obtain freedom of use for all other Roman liturgical books enshrining “previous liturgical and disciplinary forms of the Latin tradition” (cf. Ecclesia Dei, n. 5)

4. To safeguard and promote the use of Latin, Gregorian chant and sacred polyphony in the liturgy of the Roman Catholic Church

5. To encourage, wherever it would benefit the faithful, the establishment of non-territorial parishes and/or chaplaincies in which only the liturgical books used in 1962 are employed

6. To serve the Church by helping the members of the movement and, through their apostolate, all the Christi fideles better to understand, and more fruitfully to participate in, the Catholic liturgy as a sacred action.

Article 3 – Membership and Support

1. Anyone can become a member of the chapter who is a practicing lay Catholic and attends Mass or Divine Liturgy within the geographical region covered by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Cleveland, and who agrees to the chapter’s Statement of Purpose (article 2), either explicitly or implicitly. Anyone wishing to become a member should inform the Chairman.

2. In addition to Members, the chapter also has Supporters who are not members. To be a Supporter a person must meet the following three conditions: (1) Support the promotion and/or continued existence of the Traditional Latin Mass and/or other usus antiquior liturgies of the Latin tradition within the Diocese of Cleveland; (2) attend, have attended, or expect in the future to attend Mass or Divine Liturgy within the geographical region covered by the Diocese of Cleveland; (3) the chapter must have his or her name and/or contact information in its list of Supporters. Anyone wishing to become a Supporter should provide his or her name and/or contact information to the chapter and indicate he or she supports the promotion and/or continued existence of the Traditional Latin Mass and/or other usus antiquior liturgies of the Latin tradition within the Diocese of Cleveland. Given the three conditions a person must meet to be a Supporter, all Members are also Supporters, but not all Supporters are Members.

3. Members shall pay dues of $25 no later than April 30. Supporters who are not members do not pay dues.

4. Dues shall be waived for any members who are unable to afford them.

5. Although clergy and religious cannot be Members of the chapter, those who wish can, with the Chairman’s permission, be added to the chapter’s Member email list and attend meetings.

Article 4 – Elections

1. Vacancies in elective offices shall be filled, by election, at the regular meeting during or after which the vacancy was created. A majority of votes cast by members in good standing at the meeting shall be necessary to elect an officer. The person holding the office will continue to hold it for as long as he or she is willing and able.

Article 5 – Officers

1. Regular officers shall be as follows: Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer.

2. The officers shall perform the duties required of them by the bylaws of this chapter. If any officer is absent without good cause for three meetings the membership will have the right to call for elections of said office.

3. The Chairman, at his discretion, can appoint ad hoc non-elective officers, form committees, and appoint all committee chairmen thereof.

Article 6 – Meetings

1. Regular meetings of the chapter shall occur at least four times per year.

2. All meetings of the chapter shall be presided over by the Chairman, or someone appointed by him to act as Chairman in his absence.

3. Special meetings shall be convened either by vote of the chapter at a preceding regular meeting or by direction of the Chairman. Each special meeting must have a stated purpose.

Article 7 – Funds

1. All monies obtained from any source, by or through any person or persons, acting for or in the name of the chapter or under its direction or authority, shall be considered chapter funds and shall be forthwith delivered to the Chairman or Treasurer. The Treasurer will update the members via email with the chapter’s financial records at least four times per year.

2. The Treasurer shall be responsible for the deposit of all monies received into a bank to the credit of the chapter.

3. No money shall be paid or transferred from the Treasury of this chapter (except such monies as the chapter is called upon to pay regularly for its current expenses), unless by two-thirds vote of the dues paying members. This vote can occur either at a chapter meeting or electronically.

Article 8 – Miscellaneous

Articles 1, 3-8 of these bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the members present and voting at a regular meeting. Article 2 cannot be altered, as it is required of all chapters of Una Voce America.

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